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Chelating resin
Chelating resin
Chelating resin is a kind of crosslinking functional polymer materials which can form multi-coordination complex with metal ions. The mechanism of chelating resin adsorption of metal ions is that functional atoms on the resin coordinate with metal ions to form a stable structure similar to small molecule chelates, while the mechanism of ion exchange resin adsorption is electrostatic action. Therefore, compared with ion-exchange resins, chelating resins have stronger binding force and higher selectivity with metal ions. 

As countries' requirements for environmental protection policies are getting higher and higher, the standards for wastewater discharge are getting higher and higher. And metal ions are one of the important emission standards.The chelating resin can remove nickel, copper, mercury, boron, arsenic, zinc and other ions from water, and also recover valuable metals in wastewater, such as gold and silver. , palladium, platinum, silver, to achieve resource reuse。
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