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Environment Protection
Brief introduction
Environmental pollution mainly includes waste gas, liquid waste and solid waste. If not treated timely and effectively, it will cause pollution to rivers, atmosphere and soil. Due to human factors, the composition or state of the environment will change and the environmental quality will decline, thus disturbing and destroying the ecological system and the normal production and living conditions of human beings.

Ion-exchange resins have been used in many environmental protection issues of great concern.Currently, many aqueous or nonaqueous solutions contain toxic ions or nonionic substances that can be recycled using resins.

In waste gas treatment, it can be used to remove sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde and other substances in waste gas, as well as organic gases in the atmosphere and small molecules of halogenated hydrocarbons and VOC in waste gas

In wastewater treatment, firstly, it can be used to remove heavy metals and recover precious metals, such as removing metal ions in electroplating waste liquid, such as copper, nickel, mercury, chromium, lead, zinc and other heavy metals.Recovery of gold, silver, platinum group metals and other precious metals in waste liquid can not only protect the environment, but also realize resource reuse.Secondly, it can be used for organic wastewater treatment, to remove phenol, aromatic group, aliphatic group and other organic pollutants in the wastewater. In addition, it can also remove inorganic pollutants in the wastewater, such as nitrate, inorganic phosphorus, borate, sulfate, ammonia nitrogen and so on.

Inorganic waste gas treatment

    Pruduct name Typical Application Operation
    EP803 Remove SO 2, HCl and other acidic substances from the gas
    EP-T1 Remove formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, etc

Organic waste gas treatment

    Pruduct name Typical Application Operation
    AB113 Remove TVOCs and halogenated hydrocarbons from the gas
    EP502 Removal of small molecular halogenated hydrocarbons from gases
    EP507 Removal of organic matter from steam

Inorganic pollution

    Pruduct name Typical Application Operation
    AR998 Ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment, high adsorption rate, convenient operation
    AR650 Ammonia nitrogen removal, H type and Na type are applicable
    ARM99 Ammonia nitrogen removal in high TDS water, H and Na form are applicable
    BDX01 Suitable for removal of nitrate resins, even in the presence of moderate to high sulfates
    BAX01FD Special resin for nitrate removal
    NT771 Suitable for nitrate removal with low sulfuric acid content
    NT871 Suitable for nitrate removal with low sulfuric acid content
    AS600 Arsenic removal
    JK-P Phosphorus removal
    BD501 Removal of borate in water
    JK-F Fluoride removal and liquid alkali regeneration with higher exchange capacity
    JK-FT Fluorine removal and aluminum salt regeneration with low exchange capacity

Heavy metal pollution

    Pruduct name Typical Application Operation
    BMAH Removal of heavy metals from wastewater and very low leakage value
    EP981 Removal of trace heavy metals from wastewater is suitable for low salt water
    EP801 It is suitable for removing heavy metals in the form of complex anions in wastewater.
    EP605 heavy metal removal in wastewater, especially complex state; that removal of platinum group metal
    EP871 Hexavalent chromium removal from waste water
    BMTN Mercury removal from wastewater

Treatment of Organic Wastewater

    Pruduct name Typical Application Operation
    ND100 Used for deep treatment of various wastewaters, with rapid removal of dissolved organic matter, color and anionic inorganic matter
    ND600 Removal of aliphatic hydrocarbon oil from wastewater
    EP507 Organic matter removal from wastewater, groundwater and steam, organic matter removal from hydrated polar solvent. Removal and recovery of phenol and aromatic hydrocarbons, removal of chlorohydrocarbons and pesticides, etc.
    AB103A Treatment and Resource recovery of Organic Chemical Industry, Pesticide, Dye and Pharmaceutical Wastewater
    AB103 Treatment and recycling of organic chemical, pesticide, dye and pharmaceutical wastewater
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