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Adsorbent resin
Adsorbent resin
Bestion adsorption resin resins are used in three areas, in the pharmaceutical field, in the field of plant extraction, and in the beverage industry.

The adsorption resin is a resin adsorbent characterized by adsorption and having a porous three-dimensional structure. It is a new type of porous resin developed in the polymer field in recent years.

Many bioactive substances are sensitive to pH, are susceptible to acid and alkali, and lose their activity, which limits the application of ion exchange. The use of macroporous adsorption resin can selectively adsorb and facilitate solvent elution.

For fermentation broths in which a large amount of inorganic salts are present, the ion exchange resin is severely hindered from being used, and the macroporous resin can separate and extract substances such as antibiotics.

The macroporous resin has high stability, good mechanical strength, durability, and avoids adverse effects such as environmental pollution by the solvent method and corrosion of the equipment by the ion exchange method.

The macroporous resin has good selectivity to organic matter, high separation efficiency, and strong decolorization ability, and the effect is no less than that of activated carbon.

Bestion recommends a suitable macroporous resin based on the polarity and size of the material molecule.  
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